We offer a great mixture of classes to keep things fresh & give you the most well rounded workout.  


We offer a great mixture of classes to keep things fresh & give you the most well rounded workout.  Classes are split into 2 categories (EQUIPMENT & FITNESS)

PIlates Equipment

Pilates Equipment classes could include sessions on any of the following pieces of equipment; the reformer, chair, step barrel, mat, spring board, and corealign. We leave this up to the instructor so you get to experience the whole studio. 

Pilates Jump is a cardio focused class taught on the reformer. We place a jump board at the end of the reformer performing jumping moves to work on strength, tracking, and develop endurance. (Please take a pilates + jump if you are new to jumping.)

Exo-Chair class is for those pilates enthusiasts who love the challenge of a great chair workout. This 45 minute class is spent entirely on the chair and mat, using the traditional block system of the BASI method. For the intermediate to advanced pilates student. 

Mixed Equipment is for the more advanced pilates student. This class will give you time to move through the studio; using the cadilac, eco-chair, avalon systems, and reformer with direction from an instructor. This is a more unique class experience that mimics the experience of a private session but with a little more individual movement. 

Group Fitness

. These classes are more high intensity and look to balance cardio with weight training all while focusing on form. 

Pilates Mat is based off the traditional mat work developed by Joseph Pilates. This is a challenging class that focuses on small movements, deep abdominal work, and uses the full body. 

TRX Suspension Training was developed by the Navy Seals as a form of workout when they are in close quarters or not near your standard gym. This class is a high intensity class that focuses on large muscles groups with small intervals of cardio to keep the heart rate up. 

TRX Core is a blend of the TRX course and pilates mat work. The BEST of both worlds. Challenging short bursts of cardio with a killer full body pilates session tacked on. 

Booty Barre is a sexy, energetic, fun workout that fuses fitness techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. And get this… you don’t even need any dance experience and you certainly don’t need a partner! The Booty Barre® method is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with added cardio to burn fat fast. Booty Barre® was conceived and developed by celebrity fitness and lifestyle expert Tracey Mallett, a former professional dancer, fitness presenter and master Pilates Instructor. 

Core Fusion lets you  experience a mix of what our instructors love about teaching. This is our mix of all things group fitness but just taking it up a notch with all those exercises you love to hate.          (Do I hear burpees and lunges? )

Yoga at Core is Vinyasa style class that gets your moving and keeps you moving. Not that "relaxing" session you are thinking of.