Boutique Pilates & Fitness studio 

located in the heart of OTR. 



Develop your Pilates skills with one-one sessions to really delve into the work.  Recovering from an injury or new to pilates this is a great way to learn about your body and how it moves. 



Want to just jump right in? Group Equipment classes are great if you have prior pilates experience.  Class sizes are small so you still get tons of personalized cues and corrections to get the most from every session. 

These classes include any exercises that could be done on the pilates reformer, ex-chair, spine corrector, cadillac, and jump board. 



Looking for classes that add that extra challenge. Group Fitness classes include a mixture of TRX, Barre, Pilates Mat, and fusion classes for a total body workout.

These classes are great to get the heart rate up, breaking a nice sweat and challenging the whole body.